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Nothing builds a community like teamwork !

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Starting Schedules

December 27th
Gold Division - Varsity
  Dodge County vs Rochester JM  12:30 PM Graham One
  Irondale vs New Richmond   3:00 PM Graham One
  Hayward vs Rochester Century   5:30 PM Graham One
  Redwood Valley vs Rochester Mayo   7:45 PM Graham One
Gold Division - Junior Varsity
  Winona vs New Richmond   1:15 PM Graham Two
  Dodge County vs Rochester JM   3:15 PM Graham Two
  Irondale vs Rochester Mayo   5:15 PM Graham Two
  Hayward vs Rochester Century   7:15 PM Graham Two
Blue Division - Varsity
   Albert Lea vs Verona   3:00 PM Graham Four
   Fargo South/Shanley vs Lourdes   7:30 PM Graham Four
Blue Division - Junior Varsity  
   Verona vs Lourdes   1:00 PM Graham Four
   Fargo South/Shanley vs Albert Lea   5:15 PM Graham Four














Venue: Olmsted County Fair Grounds - 3rd Ave SE and 16th Street SE
             Graham Arenas One, Two and Four


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