Special Thanks !
Rochester Kiwanis Team

Nothing builds a community like teamwork !

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Special Thanks !

The Rochester Area Kiwanis Clubs would like to offer a special thanks to all our sponsors and supporters for their ongoing support of this exciting Hockey Festival. Their generous support is critical to the activities of this community supporting event each year.

Thank you all!

Other supporters of the Hockey Festival are those individuals and organizations that support the event with their ads and services to produce the Hockey Programs and other signage.  These supporters are:

A special thank you goes to Major Sponsor for their creative genius in composing this year's hockey poster and cover design.

And finally, we should thank all the teams, players, and coaches for their participation in the event this year.  In particular we would like to recognize the four representatives of the Rochester schools.  Thanks, for the smiles!

  -  Ty Trageser        Century HS
 -  Shawn Sutton.     John Marshall
 -  Will Weick           Mayo HS
  - Harrison Albrecht  Lourdes

Kiwanis Festival Directors for 2018:

Bill Kalmes

Vern Yetzer


Special Thanks ...

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