Kiwanis Day Makers of Rochester, MN

Kiwanis Day Makers Web Site Statistics - as of Jan'05

The Kiwanis Day Makers web sites continue to show good and improved usage over the Jan'04 time frame.  The statistics shown
below are from the end of Jan'05 back to Sept'04.

The   web site includes both the Day Makers web pages and the  web sites.

The Kiwanis Hockey Festival (last week in December each year) very dramatically increases the web hits and visiting users statistics for
both the Day Maker and Hockey Festival web pages.  It is also interesting to note (see graphic charts below) that our web sites are
perused by the US Gov, Military and several overseas users as far away as Finland and the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Detail usage and user statistics are available from our web master Richard Odell, at .

December is the blow-out month for web hits on the KiwanisRochester.Com web site ... because of the hockey
festival at month end.

It is also very interesting to see who (or what organizations) and countries are checking us out on the web !


This chart shows the skew toward month end web hits for December 2004 and the impact (or success) of the
Kiwanis / Wells Fargo Hockey Festival web site !

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