Kiwanis Day Makers of Rochester, MN

Community Service - Cardboard Box City via Interfaith Hospitality Network - Oct'05
(Photos below)

Activity:             Interfaith Hospitality Network

Description:       Cardboard Box City for organizations to raise visibility of shelter problems of homeless people or families. On Friday, October 21, 2005, IHN invited the community to participate in a unique event to raise money to support Rochester's homeless organizations.  On that night, we created a "cardboard box city" at Soldier's Field. The "city" has 700 "lots," each representing a homeless person who received housing in Rochester in 2004.  Organizations and individuals were then invited to "buy" a "house" for the night and spend an evening in it.

Commitment:     Respond to special requests as needed.

Misc:                 Events as requested through the Board.

Activity:             Donate funds and personnel to assist with IHN special projects, like homeless shelter
                            via raising awareness with a "cardboard box city".

Description:       Donated funds, assist with construction of boxes, support event with participation

Commitment:     Several days packing and overnight event.

Results:              TV, Radio and newspaper coverage of event.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of greater Rochester (Minnesota) is a network of volunteers from 39 churches who offer food and shelter to families who find themselves homeless.

Click here to view Cardboard Box City website.


Dave Alexander, Chuck and Margee Jacobson settle in.

Century HS Key Club members: 
Angie Bidinger, Renee Hettinger, Shirley Jiang, Megan Hudson, Tara Flynn.

Dick Severson and Jerry Kratz work up another "home".

Hank Kliewer tapes up a "home" box.

Joanne Markee, IHN Director, tapes up another "home".

Todd Gabriel working on huge box for "home".

Mayor Ardell Brede get special "happy helpers".

She just loved her two room "house".