Kiwanis Day Makers of Rochester, MN

Installation and Awards Dinner - September 28, 2004

The Installation and Awards Dinner was held at Holiday Inn South on Sept 28, 2004 with record attendance of club members.
Photos from the dinner are shown below the Awards matrix.

The recipients of the following awards were:

Consistency Award Activity (Projects) Award Hours Awards Super Star Award
(all 3 ribbons)
Marie Alexander 10 Projects - Richard Severson 100 - 199 hrs Ribbon (>200hrs) Chuck Jacobson
Herb Erickson                    - John Wade   Bill Dunette   Jack Holmes Larry Scilley
Joan Erickson 11 Projects - Marv Anderson   Herb Erickson   Chuck Jacobson  
Dick Hall                    - Fred Buechler   Hollie Feeser   Russ Hanson  
Chuck Jacobson                    - George Heyne   John Griffith   Jerry Kratz  
Margee Jacobson                    - Pat Horlocker   Dick Hall   Jim Morton  
Larry Scilley                    - Phyllis Jacobs   Carolyn Heyne   Will Rasmussen  
Mike Siverling                    - Paul Sodt   Bruce Keller   Larry Scilley  
                     - Zanti Squillace   Tom Lemke   Marlys McCoy  
  12 Projects - Margee Jacobson   John Looft   Bob Nowicki  
                     - John Looft   Ken Plummer   Ella VanLaningham  
  13 Projects - Carolyn Heyne   Ray Ricketts   David Alexander  
                     - Marly McCoy   Sue Ricketts   Marie Alexander  
                     - Jim Morton   Larry Segar   Phyllis Jacobs (694 hrs)  
                     - Bob Nowicki   Richard Severson    
                     - Larry Scilley   Mike Siverling    
                     - Al Southwick   Al Southwick    
  14 Projects - Herb Erickson   Johns Wade    
  15 Projects - Jerry Kratz      
  17 Projects - Chuck Jacobson      

Great crowd with most members and spouses in attendance.  Special silent auction items on back wall.

Entertainment was provided by a special guest "Will Rogers" (aka Dan Bieber), who shared his thoughts on life and politics
in the 30's and 40"s compared to today. 

The Kiwanis Day Maker Club member to receive the Hixon Award was Bob Rossi.

Bob Rossi, winner of the Hixon Award, received a standing ovation from fellow Hixon Award members and
the entire Day Makers Club.  Congratulation Bob!

Installation of officers and passing of the gavel ... Marv Anderson, out-going 2004 Club President
and Herb Erickson (right) welcome the new Kiwanis Day Makers Officers for 2005.  Welcome
Ella VanLaningham (pres), Al Strom, Phyllis Jacobs and Richard Lundberg.