Kiwanis Day Makers of Rochester, MN

Christmas Anonymous

Many Day Makers teamed up with other organizations and Christmas Anonymous to make this year
a very Merry Christmas for so many families.  Preparations began Nov 28 and run thru Dec 10th. 
This event served over 630 needy families in the greater Rochester Area.

As you look thru this series of photos you will be amazed at the generosity of the Rochester community and the
tremendous amount of work required to prepare all the donations for distribution.  WOW!  Many thanks to
Christ United Methodist Church for the use of their many huge rooms like the Bell Room, Choir Room,
Wesley Hall, back hallways, etc.

Kiwanis Day Makers were primarily responsible for "transportation" with over 285 hours collecting from 20 grade
schools, loading, unloading, of 130 tables, 3500 lbs of apples, 74000 lbs of food, 210 bicycles.  Then they and
Kiwanis Golden K club cleaned up and put everything left over into storage.  Day Makers also participated in
loading, delivering and and assisting with with the Senior Food Packaging.

Ken Plummer and Rick Johnson took the lead of coordinating Kiwanis Day Makers support and efforts.

See the Christmas Anonymous web page for all the organizations that support this wonderful event at:

Christmas Anonymous is a organization local to Rochester Minnesota, that has been in effect for over 50 years.

It is a
100% Volunteer organization, who's sole mission is to help families and people in need in Olmsted county
have a wonderful Christmas.

Cases  to go - 3500 lbs apples, 74000 lbs food

Over 130 tables to display and store gifts and food.

Bicycles by the hundreds ...210 more coming tomorrow.

Even wrapping paper to take home.